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About This Retreat

The "Illuminating the Path to Your Heart" retreat, takes place in stunning Sedona, Arizona - known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. The energy of openness comes quickly and easily thanks in part to the many vortex sites here.


For 5 days and 4 nights, let the power of nature and the wisdom of your heart take precedence and guide you back to your true essence, where love is bigger than any doubt or fear. Everything you need is right outside your door. 




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Karen Cowperthwaite
Your Sedona Soul Magic Retreat
Facilitator & Spiritual Guide

Intuitive Life Coach, Angelic Energy Healer & Soul Nurturer -

Karen Cowperthwaite

Hello! I’m Karen Cowperthwaite, MEd, founder of Souly Sister Coaching & Energy Work. I'm an Intuitive Life Coach, angelic energy healer and soul nurturer for those seeking a guide to gain clarity and understanding. Through my coaching, mediumship, and energy healing services I help you to shift from a fear mindset to freedom, to uncover your soul’s purpose and to shine your light into the world. I guide you to reconnect with your heart and discover your inner wisdom. My passion is creating healing communities through workshops, retreats and online offerings, and my mantra, “Live Life Soulfully”, has an international reach. I’m also a best-selling author and expert instructor for Inspired Living University. Connect with me in my closed FB group: I look foward to sharing these five days with you!! 

FrFrequently Asked Questions

 How many people will be attending this retreat?
We wish we could hold space for as many individuals who are interested. Our available accommodations can hold 20 people per retreat. After the provided accommodations are full, we can only then offer attendance for those who have other lodging while in Sedona. 

 What if I have special needs or circumstances?
If you have a special needs or accommodations, it is necessary that you communicate your needs to us when you register for the retreat. You are welcome to reach out to us via email and include your phone number. We will contact you. 

✪ How should I schedule my retreat arrival and departure?
Check in will begin at 3:00pm/PT and will continue until 5:00pm/PT at the retreat’s location. After check in, we will begin the Welcome ceremony, followed by dinner and a presentation about the center’s facilities this first evening. If you arrive past 5:00pm, we will meet you and catch you up with the group. 

On the last day, the retreat wraps up late morning (no later than 11:00am) on the final day after breakfast and closing circle. Please make sure you are able to secure flights that allow time to arrive at the airport for your flight. The drive from Sedona to Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport is approximately two hours. If you would like to enjoy more days in Sedona, you are welcome to extend your stay. Contact us to secure your additional nights with the venue, or book your accommodations wherever you decide to stay. 

 Will I have time to relax and explore Sedona during the retreat? Our daily program and activities will offer you both recommended and optional activities so you can participate based on your needs. If you'd like to visit the downtown Sedona area or other Sedona sites, you can do so during the optional activities or free time.

 Do I need to rent a car? 
Transportation to, from and around Sedona is your responsibility. Car rentals are available as well as car services and airport shuttles to Sedona. We have a closed Facebook group for all retreat registrants that you'll be invited to join. In this group, you can arrange to share rides with another attendee at your own discretion. The venue provides specific information about shuttle services available from the Phoenix and Flagstaff airports and will be provided after registration.

 What kind of food is served? What if I have special dietary needs?
Your meals are provided throughout your stay--breakfast, lunch and dinner (11 meals in all). In addition to serving vegetarian dishes, the main focus is on vegan and unprocessed food. Everything is made from scratch, and the ingredients are mostly organic. Meals are prepared by the dedicated chefs in a professionally equipped kitchen. The chefs add LOVE to the food they prepare. Meals are served buffet style. 

✪ What if I don’t have any experience or know anything about meditation, spirituality, angels, vortex sites, etc? Would I still enjoy it?
Karen, like most of us was once a beginner as well. She did not grow up understanding our spiritual nature and growing up in St. Louis and living in Chicago, are both far from Sedona. I found these parts of myself much later in life and I am thrilled to share what I have come to understand. It's even more important to take what resonates with you. I am passionate about what I teach and about what I've learned. Each of us is placed here on Earth to learn, grow and to heal one another. It is truly an honor and a priviledge to do so along with you!

 Is this retreat for someone who is an advanced practitioner or long time spiritualist?
Spiritual retreats are an invaluable tool on the path to inner peace. Time in retreat allows us to step away from the demands of our everyday life, so we’re able to listen deeply to the wisdom of our heart. Whether your motivation is to discover more peace and fulfillment, deeper love, vibrant health or any desire, your heart is the real source of all these things. In truth, I will not teach you anything you don’t already know. This is true for any of us. As a spiritual guide for this experience, I will support you with Spirit's wisdom and loving guidance to light a path towards the deepest part of you that understands truth.

 Are there payment plans available?
Yes! Payment plans are available for anyone who registers during Early Bird Registration -- from now until 11:59pm on March 15, 2021.
Here is the Payment Plan requirements:
-- A $600 deposit is required to secure your attendance when you register.
-- The remaining balance will be paid in 2 additional installments: 
-- $600 due on 3/31/2021 2nd installment
-- $650 due on 4/15/2021 3rd installment

Additional payment processing fees apply if you pay with Paypal. You will be required to add $51 for the pay-in-full option. You will be required to add $18 for each payment plan payment if you pay with PayPal.
There are no additional processing fees if you pay with Venmo or QuickPay with Zelle.

PayPal Credit is an option if available to you. Credit card payments are also available. However, there will be a 3.8% additional processing fee with every payment. Please contact us and we will process your credit card payment - expect added on fees to be $51 for pay in full and $18 for each payment plan installment. Ask us for details. 

Specific payment details are included in the registration form.
✪ Can I share a room with a friend or partner? Can I request a single room?
If you are attending with a friend or partner, please be sure to clearly indicate who you wish to room with when you register. Please understand that we will do our best to place you with one person that you request. Additional person (3 participants in one room) are available in larger rooms) please have all 3 people request to stay together. We will be accommodated based on availability. Rooms accommodate 2 guest in single beds. Partners/couples may request a King bed.. Single rooms may be available for an additional $240 for the retreat stay, but can only be guaranteed a week before your arrival. Please contact us to request the option of a single room and information.

 Do you provide travel insurance?
We do not provide travel insurance with your registration. Trip insurance may be available through a third party. We are not affiliated with any travel insurance company and therefore cannot advise you or be held responsible for any company's trip insurance plans. These are a few companies you can research for travel insurance such as TravelGuard, Wanderwell and WorldNomads to name a few. Some airlines offer travel insurance when you purchase a flight and some credit card companies also provide travel protection when purchased with your credit card. 

 What if I register and then I find out I can't attend? Will I get my money back?
We understand that travel plans sometimes change. For this reason we have a specific cancellation policy which will be followed. We require a non-refundable deposit of $600 USD at time of registration. Any cancellation request must be submitted via email to Cancellation requests received via email on or before midnight on April 15, 2021 will be refunded any monies in excess of the $600 non-refundable deposit. If you submit a cancelllation request on or after April 16, 2021, you will forfeit 100% of payments made including the non-refundable deposit paid when submitting your registration. If for any reason the facilitators or the venue must cancel this event, all monies paid towards the retreat experience will be refunded. All "traveling expenses" such as flights, car rentals, shuttle to/from the airport, food, and lodging that are not designated as included in the retreat registration are the responsibility of the registrant and will not be refunded.

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If you're feeling nudged to make this Sedona retreat a part of your personal growth, we would love to support your experience. 

Whether you come with someone or by yourself, it will be unforgettable. How do I know? Karen has her own stories to tell about the magic that is ... SEDONA.